Xenium [XENM] is our Security Token Offering which is solely based on Cryptomining.

To participate in our token sale,

Click the link below 

Remember to submit your photo of yourself holding your ID or Passport with a note "Xenium and Veritium" along with today's date.

(Do note that this KYC is also for Veritium)




How to purchase Xenium


1. Submit your KYC, It will be approved within 24 hours and the addresses for purchase will be emailed to you.


2. You will receive in your email your referral code, your approval for your KYC and our respective Cryptocurrency addresses.


3. Remember to submit your Ethereum Address for Xenium to be sent, your bitcoin address you are sending bitcoin from if you are purchasing with bitcoin. After sending Bitcoin please email us back with the Bitcoin transaction.



4. Upon purchase, you will receive an email confirmation from us with regards to your purchase details. If purchased with Ethereum, all Xenium will only be sent to the respective Ethereum Addresses that Ethers were received from.



5. All emails will ONLY come from info@veritasmining.co 


Xenium would begin distribution on the 10th of each month and begin dividend payouts on the 15th of  every month on a monthly basis.

Token Structure & Issuance

We would be holding our token sale on the 27th of June 2018.

We expect first dividends to be paid on August 15th alongside VRTM's

Xenium's dividends will be paid on a monthly basis starting 15th August 2018.*

*(Subject to the amount of XENM Sold and shipment delivery,)



  • 25% additional tokens will be created for the total amount of Xenium Tokens sold.

  • 15% for Team/Founders, 3% for Company and 7% for Referrals.

  • Only sold tokens will be created.

  • Xenium is a security token and will not be mineable. 

Use one of the following wallets to purchase tokens:

MIST/Ethereum Wallet/MetaMask






  • DO NOT SEND FUNDS FROM EXCHANGES like Coinbase or from any multi-sig wallets. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FUNDS!

  • Do not send your funds before the token sales begin.

  • IF YOU ARE SENDING ETHEREUM. Set GAS limit to 200,000. (excess GAS will be refunded automatically via your wallet)

  • XENM Tokens will be sent to the wallets from which Ethereum is received or from those registered wallets via Smart Contracts. 

  • By participating in this token sales, you agree to the terms and conditions as written and implied in our white paper.




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