Sustainable Eco-Mining

Crypto-mining requires a lot of electrical power. We believe that to future-proof crypto-mining, we have to join the movement to shift the global hashing power towards eco-friendly, renewable energy sources.


We have negotiated with one of the largest green energy producers in the country and will be able to purchase their surplus power at cost price of about US$ 0.028/kWh to US$0.035/kWh. In fact, we are able to compete on the same level as mines based in Northern Europe, Russia and China.

Crypto mining is highly profitable when done on an industrial scale basis and we have the space for infrastructure and the cheap supply of energy to run the mines. We have a total of roughly 100 Rai or 160,000 square meters at our 3 sites to build our mines. With a total estimate supply of 55MWh to work with.

We run our mines using 3 sources of renewable energy:

Wind Power

"Huracan, the Mayan God of wind was believed to create a great flood and destroy mankind. From his name the word 'hurricane' is derived."

Wind power was much feared in the past and was used by our ancestors for thousands of years. Now it is our turn to harness it and use it. Wind power is abundant, free and eco-friendly. 

Essentially, wind power is the cheapest form of energy and though it is not consistent we do have 2 more sources of renewable energy at each of the 3 sites.



Solar Power

Many ancient civilisations worshipped the sun. Ancient Egyptians worshipped the Sun, "Ra". The ancient Greeks had "Helios" and the Mayans had "Kinich Ahau". 

The Sun provides an estimated 1,575–49,837 exajoules (EJ) per year. This is more than enough energy to run the entire world. In 2012, the total world's consumption was 559.8 EJ.


Solar energy is easily harvested and can provide more than enough power for our mines. However, as again, many experts would say solar power is not consistent as does the Sun sets, so does our power supply from the solar farm. But we have 1 consistent, renewable energy source.


We still do have our third source of energy in the form of Bio-gas/waste.

Thailand is an agriculture country and agricultural waste is abundant in supply.

Thus, allowing for cheap bio-gas/waste energy production.


Bio-gas/waste is a mixture of different gases which are produced when organic waste breaks down in the absence of oxygen. It can be produced from agricultural waste, food waste, sewage, just to name a few.


In this sense, makes bio-gas/waste a consistent, renewable and low carbon footprint energy source.

ASIC Mining






GPU Mining







(These allocations are of the current rough estimates and may or may not change in the future due to different values and difficulty levels)