Cost Efficient

We have partnered with a green & renewable energy company to build our mines on site


We use Solar, Wind & Bio-Gas/Waste energy sources to power our mines

Natural flowing water sources to keep them cool


With cheap operating costs and optimization of our mines, we aim to be among the most profitable


We are constantly researching and finding ways to develop better software for future integration into blockchain technology


Veritas Mining is...

Veritas Mining 

Sustainable Crypto-Mining


Xenium's Contract address: 0x934c28362f7f399C5064980C187ed6d273aB9598

Ticker: XENM

Decimals: 18

Veritium's Contract

address: 0x2536145fbdF298877F8B8Ec4c26cc6Bc07032dBA

Ticker: VRTM

Decimals: 18





Veritas Mining 

Eco System

Sustainable Mining

All our mines are powered by the cheapest green, renewable energy sources

Future Proof

We are an advocate of moving hash power to renewable energy sources. Allowing PoW algorithms to be sustainable

Token Holder Dividends

As Veritium token holders, 60% of net profits are paid out in Ethereum every quarter, forever.

Marketplace & Wallet Exchange Platform

We will be developing a marketplace & wallet platform to allow our token holders to exchange to other cryptocurrencies and/or use Veritium to trade and invest fiat instruments.


Triple mining capacity from inception.

Establish VRTM's fungibility.

Q2/Q3 2020

Double mining capacity from inception.

Launch marketplace platform, OneMarketStreet

Q3/Q4 2019

Expand total mining capacity by 50% from inception.

Integrate exchange API into wallet platform

Q2/Q3 2019

Milestones & Timeline

Establish first Crypto-Mine @ Suphanburi.

Q1 2018

Launch Ponos-Mining Platform.

First dividend payouts.

Allow VRTM to be traded on exchanges.

Q2/Q3 2018

Launch Wallet platform, Vidulum.

Expand total mining capacity by 25%.

Q3/Q4 2018


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